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List of Architecture PhD Theses held by University Library

Name College Thesis Title
Abdul Samad,Zulkiflee W Intangibles in the built environment: explored through UK primary schools
Adhvaryu,Bhargav CHU Land use and transport
Akbar,Siddiq-A CHU Urban Housing In Seismic Areas: A Computerised Methodology For Evaluating Planning Strategies For Risk Mitigation
Alifragkis,Stavros DAR City symphonies- Restructuring the urban landscape: Dziga Vertov's 'man with the movie camera' and the city of the future
Anderson,Jamie DAR Well-being and neighbourhood outdoor space provision
Anderson,Ross James CLH From the Bauhütte to the Bauhaus: The progressive immanentisation of an Architectural Paradigm
Andrade,Maria Monica Arruda Raposo CHU Performance Of Networks In Architectural And Urban Design
Artopoulos,Giorgos Q Polimorphe: Co-relating the quests of form and structure via a computational environment for design
Bakshi,Anita CL Urban memory in divided nicosia: Praxis and image
Bambury,Jill Ellen W The church in the 'hyperghetto': an architectural investigation of an African American neighbourhood in New Orleans, Louisiana
Barac,Matthew James Wilfred M From township to town: urban change in Victoria Mxenge TT informal settlement, Cape Town, South Africa
Bill,Nicholas Aaron SID Timber railway bridges and viaducts in the United Kingdom: 1835 - 1870
Bremner,George Alexander CAI Imagining London: five studies on architecture, national identity, and Britain's first city of empire, 1856-1911
Brittain-Catlin,Timothy John T A.W.N. Pugin's English residential architecture in its context
Bryant,Gabriele Hedwig PEM Redesigning life and art: the quest for a Gesamtkunstwerk in modern German art and thought
Calder,Barnabas William Luke CHR Committees and concrete: the genesis and architecture of Denys Lasdun's National Theatre
Campbell,James William Patrick T Sir Christopher Wren, the Royal Society and the development of structural carpentry 1660-1710
Catania Kulper,Amy Marie LC The ambiguity of immanent nature and its manifestations: The contribution of Victor Horta
Cawthorne,Douglas Alexander PET Daylighting And Occupant Health In Buildings
Chen,Jun JE Occupant behaviour of air conditioning and window use in Chinese residential buildings
Cheng,Bo Ki W Human environmental perception of the built environment
Chenvidyakarn,Torwong DOW Naturally ventilated buildings: the role of water-bath modelling in ventilation design
Chou,Shiuh-Lin David DAR Modernism In Architecture: A Descriptive Theory Of Its Formal/Aesthetic Basis
Chow,Cheuk Lun W Resolving natural ventilation and fire safety in sustainable building design
Chung,Simone Shu-Yeng TH Spatial translatability in cinema: space in film through a reading of Hou Hsiao-hsien's peripatetic films
Coburn,Andrew William DAR Seismic Vulnerability And Risk Reduction Strategies For Housing In Eastern Turkey
Correia Guedes,Manuel de Arriaga Brito ED Thermal comfort and passive cooling design in Southern European offices
Corsellis,Thomas K The selection of sites for temporary settlements for forced migrants
Crowther,David Richard Geoffrey K Health Considerations In House Design
Cullum,Hugh William Conrad DOW The Savoy Hunting Lodge At Venaria Reale - A Study In Rhetorical Space
Dade-Robertson,Martyn Francis DAR Information architecture in screen based semantic spaces
Daly,Gerald Paul DAR Housing Politics And Pressure Groups: The Impacts Of Central-Local Government Relations And Reformers On American Public Housing Policy, 1933-1953
Davidovici,Irina W Between typology and typicality: German Swiss architecture 1980-2000
de Paiva,Jose Manuel Ferreira CAI The continuity of divine presence in Baroque architecture
Deak,Csaba K Rent Theory And The Price Of Urban Land: Spatial Organization In A Capitalist Economy
Demers,Claude Marie-Helene EM The sanctuary of art: images in the assessment and design of light in architecture
Denny,Gillean JE Reducing fresh produce CO2e emissions through Urban Agriculture, seasonality, and procurement dependency: Life cycle analysis for tomato, potato, and apple consumption in East Anglia and Greater London
Dou,Pingping Q Liberated urban flexibility - coordinated flexibility factors in the performance of the 19th century British terraced housing
Dudley,Eric DAR - The Critical Villager: Technical Aid For Rural Housing And The Characteristics Of Indigenous Technology Change
Ellingham,Ian ED Consumer influences on the life-cycle of housing with particular reference to the east of England
Evans,Antony David CL Simulating airline operational responses to environmental constraints
Fair,Alistair James PEM Designing dynamic environment for the performing arts
Ferguson,Robert Paul PEM The Grove: Some iconographic aspects of the architecture of wren and hawksmoor at Oxford and Cambridge
Fernandez-Santos Ortiz-Iribas,Jorge DAR Clavis prudentialis: ethico-architectural analogies and the Solomonic paradigm in Baroque Spain
French,Matthew Anthony SE Comfort, control and change: occupant control and the socio-technical construction of thermal comfort in lower socio-economic Argentine dwellings
Frith,Stephen Hamilton TH The Architecture Of The Heavenly Jerusalem: The Eschatological City From Deutero Isaiah To Augustine
Hao,Lin HH Passive design and the analysis of environmentally sustainable commercial office building in urban China
Hart,Vaughan Anthony TH Stonehenge As Emblem: Considerations On The 'Restoration' Of St. Paul'S Cathedral By Inigo Jones
Hoch,David Mack PET Passive And Low Energy Building Design For High Latitudes
Houlihan-Wiberg,Aoife Anne-Marie DAR An analysis of the performance of certification schemes in the hotel sector in terms of CO2 emissions reduction
Hsu,Pei-Hsien CLH 3D information place: Architecture for virtual place-making and information navigation
Hui,Desmond Cheuk-Kuen ED The Science of Beauty? Theories of proportion from the 16th to the 20th century
Hunt,John Douglas CHU Modelling Commuter Parking Location Choice And Its Influence On Mode Choice
Hurd,Philippa Elizabeth CAI Signs And Practices: The Work Of Karl Friedrich Schinkel As An Architecture For The Nineteenth Century
Hvattum,Mari TH Poetics and practical aesthetics in the writings of Gottfried Semper
Ibarra,Macarena JE Urban development perceived by the inhabitants of a city: the case of Santiago Chile 1930-1970
Ikonomou,Eleftherios CLH The Transformation Of Space In The Architectural Thinking Of The Late 19th And Early 20th Century With Special Reference To Germany
Ishida,Koji ED The Measurement And Prediction Of Sound Transmission Over Auditorium Seats
Jin,Ying Q Locational Propensities Under State Provision And Market Conditions: Retailing In Beijing 1978-1988
Kaluarachchi,Yamuna Damayanthi DAR An investigation into the variations of urban house forms over time
Kang,Jian W Acoustics of long enclosures
Kastrissianakis,Konstantin CL Reassessing public space in Beirut: Continuity and change since the Ta'if Agreement, 1990-present
Kelman,Ilan DAR Physical flood vulnerability of residential properties in coastal, eastern England
Kenton,Amanda Gail SID Theory and practice of natural ventilation in theatre design
Klein,Gil Pinhas W Oral towns: the institutional topography of late antique Sepphoris (Zippori) and the rabbinic consecration of the city
Koeck,Richard TH The cinematic representation of the near future
Krafta,Romulo Celso CHU A Study Of Intra-Urban Configurational Development In Porto Alegre - Brazil
Lee,Weifeng Victoria T Heat stress in dwellings: assessing thermal vulnerability and accounting for exposure duration
Leung,Kam Shing W Climate-responsive design for high density tropical housing: the effect of urban morphology on the indoor thermal environment of high-density housing in the hot and humid climate
Loach,Judith Denyse CLH The Restoration Of The Temple De Lyon In The Seventeenth Century
Lu,Andong DAR Narrative space a theory of narrative environment and its architecture
Macarthur,John Peter DAR The Ornamental Cottage: Landscape And Disgust
Manchanda,Shweta CHU Energy use and end-user satisfaction: with reference to ventilation and space conditioning in buildings
Marinescu,Joseph Sever CHU Typological discriminators of urban textures
Marsh,Robert Anthony ED Sustainable housing design: an integrated approach
Martin,Samantha Leah M The role of the Stoa in the topography of the ancient Athenian Agora: the Stoa Basileios, Stoa Poikile and Stoa of Zeus Eleutherios
Marx,Claudia CLH The restoration of cathedrals and major churches in England during the nineteenth century and after
Matthews,Leslie Joseph DAR Energy Conservation In Central Urban Buildings
Mcquillan,James Patrick CLH Geometry And Light In The Architecture Of Guarino Guarini
Merghani,Abubakr Hussein CLH Thermal comfort and spatial variability a study of traditional courtyard houses in the hot dry climate of Khartoum, Sudan
Mingotti,Nicola HH Passive environmental design for health
Mochache,Jason Mosomi Henry CHU Urban Informal Sector Activities In Nairobi: A Study Towards Urban Planning Policy And Methodology In Kenya
Moore,Gregg Raymond DAR An Approach To The Analysis Of Sound In Auditoria : Model Design And Computer Implementation
Mostafa,Heba Mohamed Hosam Aldin Mohamed K Religio-political authority and the formation of Islamic architecture
Motycka Weston,Dagmar DAR The Problem Of Space In Early Twentieth-Century Art And Architecture
Mulligan,Helen Clare CHU The Thermal Performance Of Vernacular Underground Dwellings
Musau,Filbert Mbuli W Space planning and energy efficiency in buildings: the role of spatial, activity and temporal diversities
Nanda,Vivek CHU Chidambaram - temple and city in the Tamil tradition
Newsham,Guy Russell DAR Investigating The Role Of Thermal Comfort In The Assessment Of Building Energy Performance Using A Spatial Thermal Model
Ng,Edward Yan Yung T The Romantic Meaning Of Light - From Codified Modelling To A Poetic And Interpretative Basis Of Light In Architecture
Nikolopoulou,Maria-Heleni PEM Thermal comfort in outdoor urban spaces
Nitsche,Michael DAR Virtual story spaces
Nute,Kevin Horwood JE The Role Of Traditional Japanese Art And Architecture In The Work Of Frank Lloyd Wright
Oliveira,Fernanda Sa R Museums: the roles of lighting in design
Ong,Boon Lay W Place and plants in architecture: an investigation into the phenomenon of place, the thermal environment and the significant role of plants
Parpairi,Katerina LC Daylighting in architecture: quality and user preferences
Potvin,Andre Joseph-Auguste EM Movement in the architecture of the city: a study in environmental diversity
Prager,Phillip Andrew DAR Avant-Garde legacies for interactive cinematics
Prizeman,Oriel Elizabeth Clare CC Philanthropy and light: The formulation of transatlantic environmental standards for public interiors through Andrew Carnegie's library building programme 1889-1910
Pullan,Wendy Ann DAR The transformation of the urban order in early Christian Jerusalem: pilgrimage and the ritual topography, 325-460
Rassia,Stamatina DAR Designing for movement: the impact of indoor office environmental design on occupant physical activity
Ratti,Carlo Filippo DAR Urban analysis for environmental prediction
Rikala,Taina Marjatta K Catherine Bauer 1928-1935: from Modernism and housing to action
Rockett,Paul M On the estimation of seismic risk in low to moderate seismicity areas for purposes of insurance: a case study of Israel
Rollo,Alexander John CHU A reassessment of the country house architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens (1889-1913)
Roudavski,Stanislav K Staging places as performances. Creative strategies for architecture
Saito,Keiko PEM High-resolution optical satellite images for post-earthquake damage assessment
Santa Clara,Miguel Eduardo K The application of digital photographic technologies to lighting research
Sarralde Tassara,Juan Jose CAI Urban modelling for resource performance analysis: evaluating the solar energy potential of cities
Schoenefeldt,Henrik W 'Transformation of the horticultural glasshouse prototype for human habitation'
Schuldenfrei,Eric DAR The vision politic: The multiscreen film presentations of Charles and Ray Eames
Seshagiri,Raghavendra Madhavarao CLH Household preferences and willingness to pay: water services in Hyderabad, India
Shutler,Andrew John DAR Some Climatological Aspects Of Passive Solar Heating In The United Kingdom
Sinou,Maria DOW Thermal diversity of semi-enclosed urban spaces
Snell,Justin Madoc JN Roma Felix: Rome of Sixtus V
So,Emily Kwok Mei M The assessment of casualties for earthquake loss estimation
Song,Ji Young ED Emerging patterns of space and time use in the knowledge economy
Southall,Ryan Giles DAR Design optimisation of the supply air 'ventilated' window
Steemers,Koen Alexander DAR Energy In Buildings: The Urban Context
Steiner,Henriette JN Golden Age Copenhagen and the problem of institutional order
Sternberg,Maximilian Jan PEM Engaging with the world: Cistercian reform, architecture and medieval society in the Languedoc in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Strabucchi Chambers,Wren Christopher ED Culture as picture and project: the 'City'of EUR. The formation of the concept museum-city in the Italian architecture of the 1930s
Sule-DuFour,Tao Nwachi T The sense of architecture in Husserlian Phenomenology: The example of a Candomble- Caboclo ritual of Tupinikim
Sussner,Julia Marie SID Parsing place: staging spatially organised narrative in interactive digital environments
Switek,Gabriela Barbara LC Fragment as a paradigm of modernity: the philosophical foundations of the concept and its manifestations in early modern art
Tavernor,Robert William JN Concinnitas In The Architectural Theory And Practice Of Leon Battista Alberti
Tobe,Renee LC Mimesis and the dialogue between architecture and film
Trinder,Michael Peter Bruce JE The potentials of transparency in sketch design interfaces
Trippe,William Micah K Where are the urban machinics? The case of the French City film 1926-1930
Tyszczuk,Renata Anna JN In spem melioris aevi: the architecture and writings of Stanislaw Leszczynski, roi bienfaisant, 1737-1766
Uduku,Nwola Oluwakemi R Factors Affecting The Design Of Secondary Schools In Nigeria
Verdis,Savvas Constantine M Topology: the rhetoric of places in ancient Athens
Wall,Christine Margaret DAR New ways of building: architects, operatives and industrialised production in Britain 1940-70
Wang,Yi W The transformation of Beijing's urban structure in the 20th century: the case of housing
Wasserfall,Jacob K Early Mine And Railway Housing In South Africa: A Two-Part Study Of Ideology And Design In Working-Class Housing
Wilson,Wellington Clarke JN You Are What You Do: The Self-Organization Of Daily Activity In The Urban Environment
Winton,Tracey Eve M A skeleton key to Poliphilo's Dream: the architecture of the imagination in the hypnerotomachia
Wu,Duan DAR Embodied tectonics of space and its architectural aesthetics
Yun,Geun Young W Occupant behaviour in buildings: Thermal performance implications of window use patterns
Zhang,Ye DOW Effects of street-alleyway environment upon pedestrian activities in the old city of Beijing
Zhu,Jie CTH A spatial computable general equilibrium model for London and surrounding regions.