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Department of Architecture



Sustainable Design Group (SDG) is a research group led by Dr Ronita Bardhan, and works on fundamental research in data-driven built environment design to reduce the impacts of global warming on human health and environment. 

The group focuses on design and policy solutions in resource-constraint settings and works towards advancing the science of built environment design to alleviate the energy and health burdens. We combine social sciences with building physics engineering to generate solutions that respond to four broad United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 3 –Good health, 5 – Gender Equality, 7 – Clean and energy efficiency, and 11- Sustainable communities. These Goals are applied through the research application triangle. The vision is to provide sustainable built environment design solutions through the tripartite verticals of Energy, Health and Gender Equality. SDG has set up an extensive network of living labs in low-income communities in Global South.  

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