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Low Carbon Urban Design Project[1]

The Low Carbon Urban Design Project is being carried out by members of the "Low Carbon Energy University Alliance": Tsinghua University, University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Research teams from three internationally leading universities are working together to establish a rigorous urban assessment tool kit, applicable from the neighbourhood to the city scale. The tool kit will be used to appraise the energy and carbon performance of existing and innovative urban development typologies. Findings will contribute to the development of practical policy and design guidelines, which will be tested in case studies by policy makers and developers.

The core project teams include:

Tsinghua University: Qizhi Mao, Jie Zhang, Lei Shao, Yang Jiang, Yang Xie and Yang Yang

Cambridge University: Koen Steemers, Ying Jin and Tony Hargreaves

MIT: Dennis Frenchman, Chris Zegras and Cressica Brazier

The project outputs are reviewed in project workshops - in Cambridge (October 2012), Beijing (December 2012) and Cambridge, Mass (September 2013).  For more information related to this web page, please contact Dr Ying Jin (