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This book, commissioned by Donhead, the publishers, and edited by James Campbell and Michael Tutton, provides an introduction to architects and conservation practitioners to the problems involved in the analysis and care of historic staircases. The book was published in  2013.


"The most comprehensive analysis so far of how to date, appreciate, repair and clean historic staircases… The reader should emerge from this book with all he needs to know on the difference between closed string and open string…" - Ancient Monuments Society Newsletter

"The book delivers a wealth of expert knowledge with sometimes complex topics in a very accessible format. It would be invaluable to anyone responsible for the conservation of historic staircases: curators, conservation officers, architects, surveyors, engineers, architectural historians and students." - Elizabeth Mayle,Context, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation Journal, North East Lincolnshire Council

"… it is difficult to fault Staircases, the editors having succeeded in producing an authoritative yet accessible book on the subject that combines ample detail with interesting historical narrative" - Amy Williamson, Centre for Applied Archaeology, UCL , Journal of Architectural Conservation


Staircases Campbell cover[1]