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The purpose of this archive is to establish a repository for both traditional and online materials that document important modelling data, analyses, technical studies and policy-oriented outputs, which might otherwise be lost and forgotten as many of the modelling commissions are undertaken as one-offs.

A generous donation by WSP plc of the material collected over a period of more than 40 years by Marcial Echenique and Partners (and subsequently WSP Policy & Research) has triggered the setting up of this archive.  The Martin Centre team haven building on the donation through major research projects SOLUTIONS, ReVisions, EECi and Smart Infrastructure.  It now has approximately 3,000 documents.  The archive includes high-value grey literature such as major modelling project reports which are otherwise hard to find.      

We welcome donations of reports (as either hard or digital copy) of important urban modelling studies which have been published as grey literature.  This will make such work readily accessible and facilitate citation when formal reference is required, such as when writing academic papers.  It will serve as one of the repositories of the landmark projects for the urban modelling communities.

For more information please contact Dr Ying Jin at