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Department of Architecture



We have a range of ambitious plans to ensure that our students continue to reach their highest potential. From inviting practitioners and teachers of exceptional creativity, to ensuring that we can take first year students on a study tour.

- A gift of £200k would endow a post for a visiting design teacher in perpetuity, injecting life and vigour in to the studio environment.

- The Study Tour costs £25k per year and provides invaluable experience of architectural history and urban culture for for all our first year students. See the adjacent image for an example from a sketchbook.

- The group-bonding on the study tour is reinforced in team projects, such as the 'cardboard pavilion'(see above image). Materials for model making and full scale constructions rely on donations of materials, financial gifts (such as £500 from the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry Trust), or on student pockets. Students currently each spend c. £500 per year on materials!

- By the end of the 3rd year, our students initiate their London Show and organise a range of fund-raising events. Donations in the form of an exhibition space, materials, funds, etc., are always very welcome. Typically, the total cost is in the region of £10-15k.

Contact the Head of Department, Professor James Campbell, to discuss your ideas.

Rome Trip Drawing

Rome Sketchbook - Kaiyil Gnanakumaran (1st yr, 2010)

A sketch from Kaiyil Gnanakumaran's Rome sketchbook, 2010.