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Principal Investigator: Professor Philip England, University of Oxford and John Young, ODI

Co-Investigators: Prof Emily So, Professor Barry Parsons and Dr Richard Walker, University of Oxford

Sponsor: NERC and Newton Trust

Duration: January 2016 to January 2019

 This three-year project is based on and substantially extends the reach, depth, and likely impact of Earthquakes without Frontiers (EwF): a partnership for increasing resilience to seismic hazard. This project brings together natural and social scientists with policy makers, practitioners and local communities, using a pan-participatory approach, to identify and fill knowledge gaps, and co-produce evidence-based approaches to reduce risk and increase resilience to earthquake hazards.

CURBE will support the earthquake loss estimation efforts led by China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Centre (CEA) and explore how scientific results will feed into effective policy and practice in earthquake disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the Ordos region, and in China more widely.

This project brings together eight institutions: The Overseas Development Institute, London (ODI), the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration (IGCEA), China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Centre, CEA (CEDPC), the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the Shenzhen Research Institute of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SRI HKPU), Sha’anxi Gender Development Solutions, and Geohazards International.