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Supervisor: Dr Ying Jin

Profile CH2


Research overview:

Since the beginning of history the agglomeration of economies has been cented around urban density, which merchants and traders travelling to find these clusters of prosperity. Whilst the early cities were focused primarily around walking, this evolved to accommodate the horse, and then in recent history to accommodate the car and motorised transport vehicles. The importance of connectivity within is a key consideration for all aspects of society, whether moving house, relocating a business or finding education, the ability to have frictionless travel is an increasingly important considerations for all those living in cities. Despite the crititical importance of urban mass transit systems to sustain healthy economies and improve the wellbeing of the communities, there is little written on the subject, even less written about cities in the United Kingdom. The research will aim to record the evolution of mass transit systems, understand the need (economic, social, environmental etc.) for such systems, and then explore global examples of what is acheiveable and how that success can be implemented in the UK.



Charlie Hamilton is a first year, part-time PhD student, full time Dad of two and full time Managing Consultant at one the largest managaing consultancy firms in the world, Deloitte LLP. Charlie was formally a Managing Director of multiple bus and coach companies, as well as actually having a valid driving licence for buses and coaches. Within Deloitte Charlie is a Director focusing on the UK Transport sector, primarily in the public sector and looking specifically at cities aspirations to innovate and solve multiple problems through effective transport solutions. Charlie is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics, as well as a Trustee of the national transport charity, Campaign for Better Transport.