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Supervisor: Dr Felipe Hernández

Michael Collins BW


Research overview:

Michael’s research was initiated in 2017 and focusses on the transformative potential of urban agriculture; in particular how this is conceptualised in theory and practice within architecture and urban theory. The relationship between urban areas and food production is critical in a post Covid world and as we move toward a low carbon future, but with political and social implications. This study aims to challenge existing frameworks that are used to define food growing practices within urban design and architecture and explore how a closer engagement between theory and practice can be cultivated. This study aims to unpack the complex entanglement of utopian, Marxist and free market tendencies within theory throughout history. To enrich this critique Michael is undertaking a contemporary study of productive capacity and knowledge production within London’s metropolitan agriculture and food networks as a means to suggest how new forms of practice and research could emerge. 



Michael combines his research with practice and teaching. Prior to setting up his own practice Michael practiced for 15 years in London and Edinburgh, working for Niall Mclaughlin Architects and Oliver Chapman Architects to lead a number of award-winning projects. Michael has been involved in teaching and lecturing since 2012 and is currently a Studio lead at and lecturer at ESALA, The Bartlett UCL, and supervises History and Theory courses in the Department of Architecture in Cambridge.