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Entry Requirements:

To be eligible for the Part 3 examination at the University of Cambridge candidates must:

  • Have ARB/ RIBA Parts 1 and 2 or confirmed equivalence. Read more.
  • Have recently completed a minimum of 24 months’ practical experience under the direct supervision of a professional working in the construction industry. Read more.
  • At least 12 months of the 24 months experience should be completed in the UK, under the direct supervision of a UK-registered architect.
  • Each period of practice must normally have lasted at least 3 months.

Students may register for the course in their second year of practical experience but must have 2 years of supervised practice in order to qualify to take the examinations.


For the year 2024-25 the Course Fee will be £3,750.

The 2024-25 application fee is £50.00

The deadline of payment of the full fee will be payable by successful candidates by 31st July 2024.

How to Apply:

Applications for 2024-25 will be accepted from February 1st 2024.

Applicants should complete the online application form to be found by following link to the Institute of Continuing Education website and going to the APPLY HERE section.

You will need to submit copies of your academic certificates for Part 1 and Part 2 as part of this online application process (or confirmed equivalence, see above). The application form can be completed, saved and reviewed for 7 days before being submitted. Read more.

Timetable for Applications 2024-25:

Places are allocated on a rolling admissions basis.

PLEASE NOTE that these arrangements mean that EARLY APPLICATIONS will have an advantage.

Applications will be accepted from 1st Feb 2024 until the 31st May 2024.

We will email shortlisted applicants who will be invited to conduct a 
short telephone interview with the course director. Following this 
interview, successful candidates will receive an email notification from 
the course director to confirm that their names are being put forward 
for a formal offer.

The full fees (£3,750) will be payable by 31st July 2024 and no later.

Assessment Criteria:

In assessing applications we will ultimately be looking to select candidates who will succeed and benefit from the course. We would look for a good academic grounding, suitable practical training experience, commitment and motivation.

Frequently asked questions

For enquiries about the day to day running of the course, please contact our course administrator at

For enquiries about the admissions process , please contact the Institute of Continuing Education




At a Glance

Course Length and Date

One part-time year course usually from September to September. This course is run jointly by the Department of Architecture and the Institute of Continuing Education.

Students are required to attend three 2/3 day workshops in October, March and June and to submit work and attend written and oral examinations in the following September.


The assessment comprises several elements to successfully complete the course the candidate will need to pass all elements:

  • Case Study
  • Professional Experience Development Record
  • Personal Statement and CV
  • Written Examination (Paper 1+2)
  • Oral Examination

Entry Requirements

The course is open to all graduates who have obtained ARB/ RIBA Parts 1 and 2 (or equivalence confirmed by the ARB) and who will have recently completed the appropriate practical training experience. Applicants for this course will normally have achieved a UK 2:1 Honours degree (or equivalent). 

For students for whom English is not their first language, we will require evidence of having met the required level in a recognised test. Further information regarding the required level can be found on the Institute of Continuing Education website.

Applications Accepted From

February 1st 2024

Applications Deadline

31st May 2024

Course Fees

There is a non-refundable application fee of £50 that all applicants need to pay.

Course Fees for 2024-25 will be £3,750. The full fees will be payable by 31st July 2024 and no later.