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ReVisions Portlet

Prof. Marcial Echenique - Principal Investigator
Dr. Anthony Hargreaves – Researcher Co-Investigator and Project Manager
Prof. Koen Steemers - Co-Investigator

Vicky Cheng
Steve Denman
Vadim Grinevich
Kiril Stanilov
Vassileios Zachariadis
Themis Apostolidis
Richard Mounce
Kazuki Nakamura
Flavia Tsang
Simon Yun

PhD Students
Peter Armitage

The ReVISIONS research project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and part of the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) programme, with additional support from non-academic partners. The project began 2008 and ends Dec 2012. It has a strong interdisciplinary team with a proven track record of research in the built environment drawn from seven universities led by Cambridge, including Leeds, Exeter, Surrey, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Aberystwyth.

The aim of the project is to provide the knowledge and evidence base for public agencies and private companies to plan spatial development together with infrastructure for buildings, energy, transport, water and waste in a more integrated way to reduce impacts on the environment, improve economic competitiveness, and allow households to live more sustainably with an enhanced quality of life. To help achieve this, we are carrying out research using an integrated modeling framework to explore the inter-relationships between the supply and demand for buildings and infrastructure across the regional and local scales and how spatial planning policies affect the potential for green technologies.

ReVISIONS is carrying out a case study of the Wider South East of England and more detailed case studies within the East of England. In addition, the ReVISIONS project is collaborating with international partners carrying out similar cases studies of Beijing and Sao Paulo to compare city regions of similar sizes but at different stages of development.

ReVISIONS has its own project web site - see the related link.