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Prof. Marcial Echenique - Principal Investigator
Dr. Anthony Hargreaves - Project Manager

Bhargav Adhvaryu
Dr Geoffrey Caruso
Kazuki Nakamura
Javier Pacheco
Flavia Tsang

SOLUTIONS - Sustainability Of Land Use and Transport In Outer NeighbourhoodS - research project focused on spatial policy, in terms of design, transport systems and built form, in outer city areas of the UK that are experiencing or are likely to experience growth pressures in the future.

This five-year project (April 2004 to March 2009) investigated how towns and cities can be planned so that they are socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.

The research consortium consisted of an interdisciplinary team from five universities with a proven track record in transport, land use, and environmental research.

The research involved a number of in-depth case studies, carried out in partnership with local authorities and other stakeholders, for systematically testing the effectiveness of alternative design and development strategies in structuring and restructuring outer urban areas.

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