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Call for Abstracts

Scroope 28 call for submissions

Call for Submissions!

Scroope 28 is seeking submissions of experimental and provocative projects, drawings, collages, photographic works, and visual statements to complement its upcoming issue on the theme Concinnitās.

Concinnitās is the state of being skilfully put together or joined; a beauty that comes from the harmony, proportion, and congruity of the various parts of a whole assembled according to set principles. This notion does not refer to an innate or insular beauty, but to beauty that is created from a relationship or reaction to a context, to an outside. 

We seek content that reflects on architecture as an amalgamation of diverse systems, processes, relationships, and elements that come together for the creation of a beautiful whole.

Submissions should include a maximum of four images at 300dpi and be accompanied by a 500 word statement/text, and a 100 word biography.

Please send submissions to by January 15 2019 with [scroope 28 submission] in the subject line. Successful contributors will be notified by the end of February 2019.