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Apprentices on this course will not be eligible to pay fees towards the course. Apprentice travel costs and meals will need to be agreed with their employers prior to the course start.

All Apprenticeship fees must be covered by the employer. Levy-paying employers can pay for part of the cost (up to the maximum funding band of £21,000) using their apprenticeship levy. 

The total charge for this course is £39,000 (£13,000 pa) which includes the end point assessment (EPA). The difference between the amount being paid out of the Levy and the total cost must be met by the employer. Thus, for an employer who can use the full amount from their Levy pot, the extra amount due will be £6000pa. Where reassessment or retakes are required, the employer will also be liable for these costs. 

The Apprenticeship fee covers:

  •          Course Teaching
  •          Course Materials
  •          Supervisory support and mentoring
  •          Residential costs (not including meals)
  •          End point assessment (EPA)