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Housing and domestic energy during the cost of living crisis and covid-19 recovery in Mukuru informal settlement in Nairobi


Building on the findings of the AHRC Filming Energy/FERN Research Network (2020-22), the research looks at the community in informal settlement of Mukuru in Nairobi. The cost of living crisis has led to increased fuel prices and household costs in informal settlements – how do they cope and use energy?

The AHRC IAA project "Community engagement workshops on housing and energy in Nairobi" with NGO Akiba Mashinani Trust focuses on cooking practices and domestic energy use in Mukuru. 



The research adopts an intersectional approach to slum upgrading and sustainable urban development. The projects look at housing and energy infrastructure, livelihoods, food procurement and domestic energy transitions from the perspective of women and other vulnerable groups in low income communities. This includes a household survey and Focus Group Discussions. The findings are translated into a policy briefing.