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History of Doors1   History of Doors 2

Doors have not been widely discussed in isolation in architectural histories. They feature in late 19th century and early 20th century histories of furniture and histories of building style which typically illustrate early surviving examples in churches and colleges. This paper provides a description of the instances and nature of the discussion of doors and door furniture in early English architectural books. The paper aims to guide the reader through all the books in the period, providing the first complete list of references to doors. In the process it seeks to identify useful insights into the thinking about doors in each period. The period chosen begins with the earliest English books on architecture and goes up to the introduction of the new type of building construction manuals which first appeared around 1800. This research will lead to the publication with Routledge of the sequel to the book on Staircases, and is due out in 2020.


'Doors in Early English Published Books on Architecture and Building Construction 1550-1800’, Karey L. Draper and James W. P. Campbell. 

Doors: History, Repair and Conservation, Routledge (Forthcoming)