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Keynote Lecture

Judy Stephenson

Day Work, Task Work and Watch Work: Labourers at St Paul’s Cathedral 1672-1748


Professor Sir Roderick Floud FBA FACSS



Constructing Landscapes: an Economic History of the English Garden

**No paper**


Ancient World (pre-1000AD)

John Gelder

The Documentation of Stonework in the Ancient World


John Gelder

Professional Roles in Greek Construction Contracts


James WP Campbell

The Development of Water Pipes: a Brief Introduction from Ancient Times until the Industrial Revolution


Ana Rosado-Torres, Laura Gilabert-Sansalvador &  Riccardo Montuori

Stonecutting in Maya Architecture: The Palace of the Governor at Uxmal (Yucatan, Mexico)





Medieval World (1000 CE – 1400 CE)

Alexandra M. Gutiérrez-Hernández

The Art du Trait in the Monastery of La Vid in Burgos (Spain)


Giuseppe Mazzone

Through the Layers of Time – The Evolution of Interlaced Ribbed Domes from Islamic Spain to the Italian Baroque


Claudio Mazzanti & Federico Bulfone Gransinigh


Medieval watchtowers of the mountainous areas of the Abruzzi Region: typologies, construction techniques and territorial landscape


Rocío Maira-Vidal

Two Masters, Two Methods. First Steps Towards English Standardisation in The Construction of The Sexpartite Vaults in Canterbury Cathedral

Louis Vandenabeele

Medieval formwork imprints in the Basilica of St Anthony in Padua




Renaissance and Late Gothic World (1400-1600)

Sofia Celli & Federica Ottoni

From construction to maintenance. The history of the wooden chain encircling the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore


Manuel Maissen

Late Gothic Vaulting in the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland


Clemens Knobling

Vaults Without Buttresses: A Survey of Swiss Roodscreens


Caterina F Carocci, Renata Finocchiaro & Valentina Macca

The so-called ‘Palazzetto’ in the Palazzo di Venezia Complex: A small construction history among the huge transformation events of the Rome centre in the early twentieth century

Martina Diaz

Contextualisation of the timber trade between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Basilica of St Anthony, Padua


Bruno Bentz

On The Origins of Hydro-Technics: The Gardens of Noisy (1570)




The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1600-1800)

Stefan M. Holzer

How to Build a Dome


Gabriel Pirlet, Guido Schumacher & Jean-Louis Vanden Eynde

Ornamental Hydraulics in the Arenberg Park of Enghien in the 17th Century: a possible link to Salomon de Caus


Dermot O'Dwyer

William Colles (1702-1770) Kilkenny Mayor, Entrepreneur, and Marble Necromancer


Cinta Lluis-Teruel, Iñigo Ugalde-Blázquez, Josep Lluis i Ginovart & Zahra Hadji

The Behaviour of Tile Vaulted Structures in Spanish Military Engineering


Nicholas A. Bill

Pioneering Education for a Unique Engineering Profession – British Military Engineers


Robert Carvais

The social status of Parisian building contractors in the 18th century. A hierarchical and ambitious professional "body" : between nobility and destitution




Long Nineteenth Century (1800-1914)

Geraldine Buchenau & Sabine Kuban

Time to Re-Evaluate? – New Findings on the Application of the Hennebique System in Germany


Clifton Ellis

Agrarian Capitalism and The Cost of Building in Antebellum Virginia


Gian Marco Prisco

The Madrid-Delicias Railway Station: between formal and technological innovation in the 19th century Iberian Peninsula


Antonio Burgos Núñez, & Maxwell Adrian Kite

Plate Girder Bridges in Andalusia, 1850-1910. The Spread of an Unusual Genre of Iron Bridges


Saniye Feyza Yagci Ergun and Manfred Schuller

Timber frame system after the western influence on the houses of Istanbul



Chelsea Spencer

Faulty Figures and Paper Technologies: Cost Estimating in Late Nineteenth-Century America


Nick von Behr

The Influence of Standards and Regulations for Steel and Reinforced Concrete on the Development of Modern Architecture in Pre-WW1 Paris and Brussels


Campolongo, Alessandro & Guagliardi, Valentina

Architecture and building traditions in the territory of Cosenza: the 1910 Colonia Silana





The Twentieth Century (1900-2000)

Nina Baker

Development of the UK Government’s support for Construction-related Research in the 20th Century: the role of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Video will follow


David Yeomans

Not Just the Dirty Work: engineers' contributions to architecture


Maria Mestre-Martí, Pedro M. Jiménez-Vicario & Manuel A. Ródenas-López

The History of the Construction of the Cuban National Capitol


Nina Baker

Women engineers in UK construction research establishments in the mid-20th century. A preliminary survey


Laura Greco

Construction Standardisation in Italian Service Stations (1930s-1950s). Projects by Luigi Piccinato and Mario Bacciocchi



Vladimir Ladinski


A Century of Professionalism in Construction in North Macedonia (1920-2020)

Video will follow

Maryia Rusak

From ‘Workers’ to ‘Operators’: Labour of Moelven Brug


David Yeomans

Frank Newby’s Star Beams


Francesco Spada

Società Generale Immobiliare (SGI) Prefabrication Methods for Italian School Buildings in 1960s


Shuntaro Nozawa & Yosuke Komiyama

High Tech Attitude as a Corrective of Japanese Industrialised Housing: The Work and Discourses of Kohko Takahashi


Ilaria Giannetti

Experimental structures and reinforced concrete in church building in Italy: design and construction of three hyperbolic paraboloids (1961-68)