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Department of Architecture




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Dr Nick Simcik-Arese

Cairo’s Vacant Houses: Trajectories of accumulation, regulation, and improvisation


Prof Koen Steemers

The Environmental Impacts of Designing out Friction in the Home

Alkaltlabe, Karam Dr Nick Simcik-Arese How can Digital Participatory Planning and Collaborative Urban Design reshape the urban recovery process in post-disaster cities? The case of Damascus
Behr, Anna Michelle Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Understanding the English Country House Hotel:  Early Hotel Conversions in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Boldina, Anna

Prof Koen Steemers

Urban Hiking. Factors that can persuade pedestrians to choose more physically challenging routes in urban environment, in connection with their physical abilities

Celebi, Fatma Beyza Dr Felipe Hernandez Cosmopolitan Nostalgia: Examining local memory in contemporary Istanbul focusing on spatial and visual representations of the city’s cosmopolitanism in the 1920s and 1930s

Collins, Michael 

Dr Felipe Hernandez

The transformative potential of urban agriculture: Re-framing architectural theory and practice

Derbal, Mohamed

Dr Max Sternberg

Space, time and community: German architectural discourse and the search for national unity, 1890-1914

Dimasaka, Joshua

Prof Emily So

Global Disaster Risk Audit using Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation Data

Farahmandian, Hamideh Dr Max SternbergProf Francois Penz

An Investigation into the Cinematic Representations of Urban Informality in Iran

Frayne, Nicholas Dr Irit Katz Spaces of Violence and Healing: the material agency of architecture in peacebuilding in Kenya

Gambill, Vendela

Prof Ying Jin

Land use planning and applied urban modelling: natural limits to growth in London


Dr Michael Ramage

Emerging Earthen Architecture: Digital Design and Fabrication for Building with earth

Goh, I-Dec Dr Ronita Bardhan

Bias mitigated data-driven façade design generation of social housing in Singapore using thermal imaging information

Gray, Elizabeth Baldwin Dr Max Sternberg

Conceptions of the Gothic: Romantic Medievalism in Early Modern German Architecture

Hamilton, Charles 

Prof Ying Jin

Mass Transit in Small to Medium Sized Cities

Harrison-Egan, Juliet Dr Max Sternberg

Spaces of Education: the role of schools in the post-apartheid city


Prof Francois Penz

The Evolution of Urban Office Space in the Age of Information and Communication Technology

Hughes, Sean Prof Ying Jin

The 21st Century Suburb: A Method for Transit Driven Redevelopment in North American Suburbia

Joashi, Tom

Dr Max Sternberg

Rethinking Urban Conflict Through the French Wars of Religion (1550-1572)

Khaldi, Yasser 

Prof Minna Sunikka-Blank

Governing Renewable Energy Transition in Conflict Contexts: The Case of Palestine

Khalil, Mohamed Hesham

Prof Koen Steemers

Architecting hippocampal plasticity through spatial complexity

Lee, Bing-Tao Prof Koen Steemers

Biophilic Design and Mental Wellbeing: The Relationship Between Indoor Plants, Positive Emotions and Behaviour


Prof Francois Penz

Atlas in Motion: Visualising Manchuria through Moving Images

Llano Valencia,Mariana

Dr Felipe Hernandez

Coloniality, Whiteness and Masculinity in Modern Urban Planning in Latin America using Cartagena, Colombia as a case study

Luo, Yusi

Prof Ying Jin

Housing Tenure Choice of Young Graduates in England

Mhmood, Fatma Prof Minna Sunikka-Blank Social Narratives and Women’s Spatial Experiences of Parks and Desert Landscapes in the UAE


Prof Minna Sunikka-Blank

Geographies of gendered and domestic violence in Australia

Mizrokhi, Ekaterina

Dr Max Sternberg

Life in Anachronistic Space: Awaiting Demolition in Moscow's Soviet-era Standardised Housing

Mutlu, Ummiye Seyda

Prof Flora Samuel

Urban Rooms: Places of Mediation, Participation, and Urban Change


Dr Ronita Bardhan

Redesigning interior spaces to accommodate social distancing for the rare events

Pan, Lingzi

Prof Ying Jin

The role of social connectedness in quality-of-life measurement and urban modelling

Peng, Zhikai

Prof Koen Steemers

Exploring Urban Spatial Behaviour Under Thermal Stress: How variations in sun and wind conditions due to urban form affect public space use?

Politi, Georgia

Prof James Campbell

The life and work of Sir Horace Jones, PRIBA (1819-1887)


Prof James Campbell

Modernising Britain: Sir Leslie Martin (1908-2000) and his role in shaping the Architectural Education in Britain

Russo, Filomena

Prof Koen Steemers

Restorative Intermediate Architectural Environments

Salka, Michael Prof Koen Steemers

The Role of Geospatial Data in Developing Nature-Based Value Chains for the Built Environment

Sobey, Aisha

Prof Emily So

Urban futures: The implications of smart cities and digital living for wellbeing

Song, Lei Prof James Campbell Fountains, Baths and Urban Water Supply in England, 1400-1800
Sun, Maoran  Dr Ronita Bardhan

Scenario-based strategies for decarbonizing Hard-to-Decarbonize housing

Valentine, Cleo Prof Koen Steemers

Architectural Neuroimmunology: Assessing the Impact of Architectural Form on Human Neuroinflammation

van Ameijde, Jeroen

Prof Ying Jin

Quality of life in high-density urban environments: Data-driven analysis of Hong Kong’s public housing environments and social interaction

Watson, Eimar

Dr Adam Menuge The British Marble Industry 1748-1905

Weston, Jonathan

Prof Francois Penz

Beyond the Pretty Picture: Exploring the Aesthetic and Function of the Architectural Visualisation

Wiegand, Eduardo

Dr Michael Ramage

The Life Cycle Design of Multi-storey Wood Buildings: opportunities for efficiency across the construction value chain

Xie, Shanshan Prof Ying Jin

An investigation of heterogeneous commute mode choices to link travel demands to flexible working policies: using an Early Stopping Bayesian Data Assimilation modelling approach

Ying, Yue

Prof Ying Jin

Understanding variability in neighbourhood responses to regeneration initiatives


Prof James Campbell

European Railway Buildings in China 1890-1940: an example of cross-cultural exchange

Zhu, Lingzheng

Prof Francois Penz

Mediating Nature: The Practice of Synthetic Media in the Contemporary Eastern Context