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Supervisor: Professor François Penz

Yufei Li


Research overview:

This research offers a novel approach to cinematic placemaking by using film as a medium to immerse the present landscape into its visual and experiential past, in this case the mapping of the historical geography of Manchuria in a collection of moving images. Under the shadow of its colonial past under Imperial Japan, Manchuria’s image remains distant from the mainstream historical accounts of modern China. The research sources available Manchuria films produced by Japanese-orientated institutes between 1937 and 1945, accompanied with on-site ethnographic surveys, to illustrate a cinematic gazetteer of Manchuria in the light of its current urban cultural regeneration. 



Yufei Li is a second year PhD candidate. She holds a Diploma at the Architectural Association and an MPhil with distinction in Architecture and Urban Studies at Cambridge. She is also an ARB registered architect and a RIBA Chartered Member. Before coming to Cambridge, she practised architectural design in London and specialised in the renovation and restoration of cultural venues.