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Department of Architecture



The aim of the course is to enable candidates to successfully present themselves to the examiners through the various required submissions and to receive an endorsement of competency to practice as an architect. In so doing the course also hopes to act as a forum for a wider discussion of issues affecting the profession and the construction industry in the UK and further afield. Read More.

Structure of the Course and Assessment:

The University of Cambridge Part 3 course has a specific structure, usually running from September to September. The taught element of the course is contained within three intensive workshops (October/March/June) held at the Department of Architecture in Scroope Terrace.

The Cambridge Part 3 course is well suited to those students who are used to self-directed learning. They need to be well motivated, well organised, and able to concentrate through full days of intensive teaching. Read more.

The assessment process is carried out in the following September. Read more.

Content of the Course:

The content of the course is based upon the professional criteria, which a student needs to satisfy, as laid out jointly by the ARB/RIBA. Before they apply, applicants are advised to review these criteria. This will help them assess whether they are at an appropriate stage to consider present themselves for the Part 3 assessment. Read more.

The Course Leader is Miranda Terry.



Student Feedback

"Alert! No spoon feeding. This course demands a self-driven attitude towards learning and coursework. The lectures cover the basics but they also provide an insight into the complexities of planning and running a business."

Student Cohort 2015-16

"I am very proud to have completed my Part 3 in Architecture at the University of Cambridge. The combination of structured learning with group study sessions proved to be a very successful balance for learning. The guest speakers through the course were excellent, whilst a special mention must be given to the course director, Miranda, for her continued commitment to ensure that each student feels supported and on the right path to succeed."

Student Cohort 2016-17