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The Martin Centre Research Seminar Series

The Martin Centre Research Seminar Series is one of the longest running in the field (51st annual series), and is hosted and supported by the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies; the research arm of the Department of Architecture.

The seminars are informal in format and include a 45-minute talk from the invited speaker, followed by 15-minutes of questions and answers. They are typically well-attended by both staff and students of the Department, as well as members from the wider University and Cambridge community. The seminars are video recorded for Martin Centre records, and subject to the speaker’s approval may be released to either University members only or the general public.

Theme for the 51st annual series:

The topic for this forthcoming series will frame the discussions around the common ground between theory and practice, with particular focus on ‘Architecture and Energy’. Please find Term Cards and seminar posters posted on the righthand side of this page.

Time and Location:

The Martin Centre Research Seminars are now online Zoom webinars.

**IMPORTANT: we have now moved from 1.15pm to 3pm GMT (UK Time) to accommodate speakers and audience in other time zones.

Registration details for Lent Term seminars:

27 January 2021 - Philip Steadman - Energy, Density and Built Form -

3 February 2021 - Patrick Lynch - Discourse and Discipline: On Civic Ground and Mimesis in Architecture -

10 February 2021 - Sergio Altomonte - Sustaining Well-Being: the Energy-Human Nexus -

17 February 2021 - Colin Ellard - Our Universal Attraction to Vitality and Its Implications for the Built Environment -

3 March 2021 - Simon Allford - Constructing the Idea: a Low-Carbon Future -

10 March 2021 - Fionn Stevenson - Performance Follows Inhabitant Practice: Evaluation(s) of Housing Energy Demand  -

Previous lectures are now available on our YouTube channel:


ZhiKai Peng                          

Natcha Ruamsanitwong         
Yue Ying
Louise Luo

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Easter Term 2021

Martin Centre Seminars termcard Easter 2021

Lent Term 2021

Fionn stevenson

Martin Centre Simon Allford

Martin Centre Colin Ellard

Martin Centre Seminars Sergio Altomonte

Martin Centre Patrick Lynch

Martin Centre Seminars Philip Steadman


Michaelmas Term 2020

Martin Centre Seminars Jason Palmer

Martin Centre Seminars John Miles

Martin Centre Seminars Rihab Khalid

20201104 barber poster

Martin centre Seinars poster - Barnabas Calder


Easter Term 2020

Martin Centre Seminars Sjoerd Soeters

Ayat Cambridge Poster

Martin Centre Seminar    Michael Chang

2020Easter Jonh%20Ellis jpeg

Martin Centre Seminars Remembering Berlin


Michaelmas Term 2019

The Martin Centre Seminar Series   Stafford Critchlow

Martin Centre Seminar   Meredith Bowles

The Martin Centre Seminar Series   Julian Lewis

The Martin Centre Seminars Jenna Panter

Martin Centre Seminar Huang Sheng Yuan

Martin Centre Seminar Jonathon Rose