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The Martin Centre Research Seminars - 54th Series

Forms of Dialogue

Architecture succeeds or fails on how it communicates - from how a project is drawn and presented to a client to the tone of consultations with communities; from how materials speak to each other right through to how building systems speak to occupants.  It is less and less the product of one voice and increasingly an outcome of dialogue between many.

This dialogue bounces back and forth between humans - practitioners and researchers, designers and makers - but it also occurs between us and our environment and between the natural world and the built world.  Further complicating this cacophony is the dialogue between architecture and the nebulous digital systems that continue to infuse our designed environments.

All of these interactions and exchanges are fundamental to the shape and relevance of the built outcome, and therefore the form of these dialogues is critical in shaping a more coherent, caring, inclusive, responsible architecture.

This series invites both researchers and practitioners whose work deals with these interactions and interchanges to speak on this aspect of their work - from the community-conscious commons to cybernetic design philosophy and the climate potential of AI.

All are welcome, please come and join the conversation...


Wednesdays at 1.30pm

Lecture Room 1, Architecture Department, Scroope Terrace and live on Zoom.


Events can be booked here:


Lent Term 2024


*POSTPONED* 24th Jan- The Value of Conversation in Architectural Design 

Tom Foggin, Director, Architect and AJ award winner for the Passive House Student Centre in 2023


31st Jan- Round Table 

Scroope Journal 32, an exploration of the inspirations, themes and challenges faced during the creative process of crafting the current issue of Scroope Journal with the Editorial Board and Contributors. 


7th Feb- Dialogues, Scales, Architectures

Juan Oyarbide, Associate Director at Prior Partners and Director at Boom Studio Architects


14th Feb- Transitioning to a Net Zero World

Ritu Grag, Sustainable Systems Lead at Arup’s Foresight 


21st Feb- Discourses on Dogma: The Aaltos and the Church

Sofia Singler, an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Cambridge and a Fellow of St John’s College


28th Feb- A Storyteller on Foot: Seeing, Noticing, and Telling the Less-Told Urban Stories

Christina Zhang, Harry der Boghosian Fellow at Syracuse University School of Architecture


6th Mar- The Architecture of Videogames: Tomorrow, Videogame Cinematics and Game Space Design

Hamid Khalili, a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA)



More about the Martin Centre Lectures

The Martin Centre Research Seminar Series is one of the longest-running in the field, with the current one being the 54th annual series. The seminar series is hosted and supported by the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies, the research arm of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge. The seminars are held every Wednesday during term time at 1.30pm UK time in the Faculty’s lecture room. They are typically well-attended by both staff and students in the department, as well as by members from the University and the wider Cambridge community. You can find out more about the Martin Centre Research Seminar Series on our website and the virtual seminars can be found on YouTube


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