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Supervisor: Dr Ronita Bardhan

PAN, Jiayu Photo


Research overview:

The global pandemic has reshaped the use of working environment dramatically, mainly due to the implementation of working from home policy and the indoor social distancing requirements. It is expected that a new working normal will be established after the pandemic. More resilient and flexible design strategies are needed for the post-pandemic era. This PhD project is going to investigate the human behaviour in the working environment using the analytical model to deliver sustainable design and improve the general well-being of the workforce from an architectural perspective. 



Jiayu is a first-year PhD student at University of Cambridge. She is broadly interested in the data-driven evidence-based environmental design and urban spatial data analysis. She completed her MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies degree at University of Cambridge with a distinction in 2020 and her BSc in Urban Planning, Design and Management degree at UCL with first-class honours in 2019. Her MPhil dissertation evaluates the risk of accessing the public green spaces in London over the pandemic, and her PhD research focuses on the architectural modelling of interior space.