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Department of Architecture


The City Seminar at Cambridge has a prominent history of exploring relevant and provocative topics in the field of urban studies with a commitment to taking an interdisciplinary perspective by bringing together theorists, practitioners and students. 

The Cambridge City Seminar 2020/21 revolves around 'Urban Guilds' in contemporary placemaking. The coming seminar series aim to explore the notion of guilds in the contemporary context and examine the practice of professions, grassroots and even digital crafts encompassing urban renewal. We look forward to welcoming academics, architects, artists and writers to join our open discussions online, to reflect and rethink our communities and sense of place in this unprecedented time.
Time and Location
City Seminars take place on Tuesdays from 5:30PM - 7:00PM at University of Cambridge Department of Architecture, Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX. The 2021 seminar series will take place online via Zoom. The programme is subject to changes and cancellation given the Covid-19 situations. Please find us on social media for latest updates.


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