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Issue 28: Concinnitās

Concinnitās, as articulated by Leon Battista Alberti, is the state of being skilfully put together or joined; a beauty that comes from the harmony, proportion, and congruity of the various parts of a whole assembled according to principles. This notion did not refer to an innate or insular beauty, but one that was created from a correspondence and a relationship with its context and its outside. The question of architecture as an amalgamation of diverse systems, processes, relationships, and elements that come together for the creation of a meaningful space is still salient today. Can we reconsider architecture’s meaning and effect as intrinsic and inseparable from notions of form, material, scale, and context? What would be the architectural preconditions for a beautiful whole today?

Issue 28 of Scroope proposes a new genealogy of concinnitās, including critical and theoretical explorations of the term as well as reinterpretations by practicing architects, that attempt to mediate the interdisciplinary nature of architectural discourse and the complex processes that shape contemporary architectural praxis.The issue also features an interview with Amanda Levete who gave the Third Annual Scroope Lecture titled 'It all Starts with the Ground... Architecture as Urban Proposition' on 28 June 2019.


Daisy Ames, Sarah Bonnemaison, Sarah Breen Lovett, Mario Carpo, Yasmina El Chami, Behrang Fakharian, James Forren, David Kroll, Amanda Levete, Cameron McEwan, Claire Nicholas, Charline Ouellet, Savia Palate, François Penz, Neil Spiller, Matthew Turner, Xiang Ren, Vasiliki Zochiou


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