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Session outline:

  • Reflections on the future of cities and the future of urban modelling: Michael Batty (University College, London), Michael Wegener (Spiekermann and Wegener Urban and Regional Research), Marcial Echenique (University of Cambridge) – this part of the session will be broadcast live
  • The live broadcast and recording will then cease at this point to enable plenary discussion
  • Quick fire responses to the talks - all delegates in Zoom meeting
  • Round table for general discussion on future directions of the AUM symposium
  • Summary of the series 

Session Chair: Marcial Echenique (University of Cambridge)

Session Host: Ying Jin (University of Cambridge)

Bios of keynote speakers and chair:

Michael Batty

is Chairman of the Management Board of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) and Bartlett Professor of Planning (Emeritus) at University College London.


Marcial Echenique

is Professorial Fellow of Churchill College and Emeritus Professor of Land Use and Transport Studies at the University of Cambridge.


Michael Wegener

is a Partner at Spiekermann & Wegener Urban and Regional Research.