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Principal investigator: Dr. Andreas Schäfer (Architecture)
Co-investigators: Prof. Peter Haynes (Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics), Prof. Rex Britter (Engineering), Prof. Bill Dawes (Engineering), Prof. Rod Jones (Chemistry), Prof. John Pyle (Chemistry)
Project manager: Dr. Tom G. Reynolds (Chemistry)
Researchers: Dr. Lynnette Dray (Architecture), Dr. Marcus Koehler (Chemistry), Dr. Maria Vera-Morales (Engineering)
PhD Students: Mr. Antony Evans (Architecture), Mr. Steven Barrett (Engineering)

Funding source: EPSRC/NERC

To improve our understanding of the impact of policy measures on aviation's impact on the environment, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) awarded the Institute for Aviation and the Environment with gross funding of over 3/4 million pounds over three years to integrate economics, technology, operations, and atmospheric science (on both local and global scales) into a single model system. Such a system is required to predict the interactions between the various effects of economic, operational and technological changes and to provide answers to questions such as; what policy measures can most effectively limit the environmental effect of aviation? and, how can new operational approaches and new technologies be used to reduce both aircraft emissions and air traffic congestion? This model system will allow a timely response to important questions from many different sectors of government and industry, whilst exploiting the broad knowledge and previous relevant experience of IAE investigators.