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Department of Architecture



Every Cambridge student has access to computer facilities. An e-mail address is provided via the student's college. However, additionally to this, you may want to access resource material on CD-ROMs held by either the University Library or the Faculty Library, which is available on request. The University of Cambridge has a strong computer support system and each term there are numerous short, tailor-made courses, free of charge, offered through the Computer Service Centre, located at the Old Museums Site. These range from basic courses in word-processing and e-mail, through the use of specialised software such as Excel and Endnotes, to more advanced graphics and data processing. Early application for any of these is recommended. Get skilled and get going! For the Art Historian there exists already a welter of information on the web; whatever your particular interests or needs, somewhere on the world-wide web you will find something relevant to your dissertation. ALWAYS remember to save your work, in case of computer theft or breakdown. This will save much heartbreak and wasted time. There is a computer room for the use of History of Art Postgraduates on the second floor of 4A Trumpington Street. The photocopier on the first-floor is operated using payment via credit placed on your University card. This can be arranged by the Faculty Office staff or Stan Finney, the Faculty Computer Officer (