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Kettle's Yard Travel Award Application Form

Tools and Technology in Traditional Architecure: a Study of Thin Tile Vaulting - In Focus: the work of MPhil student M.W. Al-Asali

Election of student members of the Faculty Board

The concept of flexibility in post-disaster accommodation - In Focus: the research of PhD student Elizabeth Wagemann

First year Project: The Percussion Wall at The Junction 2014/15

First Year Project: Cyrenians 2015/16

Trendbreaking influences of built form upon travel in UK cities

Ying Jin recent cluster of research papers

Paper in ICCSA Adaptive Zoning for Efficient Transport Modelling

Martani et al Design with uncertainty

Jin et al A recursive and spatial equilibrium model for planning large scale urban change

Assessing the discrepancies between recorded and commonly assumed journey times in London

Adaptive Zoning for Transport Mode Choice Modeling

A New Method of Adaptive Zoning for Spatial Interaction Models

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Construction History 2017 Conference poster

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Urban Form and Microclimate: Impacts on outdoor thermal comfort and building energy performance in a high-density, tropical context- In Focus: the research of PhD student Tania Sharmin

Fourth annual CHS Conference Programme

The Stone Cottage Joe Croser April 2013

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AUM2017 CSIC Emerging Connections Workshop

Nicole Abernethy: The Reintroduction of Rivers and Coastal Marshes in Toronto to Mitigate Flooding Effects: An example of urban adaptation to climate change through ecological restoration

Naomi Alcaide Manthey: Land Privatization and Urban Segregation in Bogotá, Colombia

Mohammad Wesam Al Asali: Tools, Knowledge and Technology in Thin Tile Vaulting

Kirsten Armstrong: The Uncertain Garden: the role of landscape in Istanbul's contested urban identity

Jonah Coe-Scharff: Minimum Dwelling: Housing and the Politics of Life in New York City, 1901-1949

Michael Cohen: Housing as Housing: The SAAL Process and Sao Victor Brigade

Cecilia Denhard: Planning in Paris, a Conspiracy Against the Working Class? The Example of ZAC Paris Rive Gauche

Peninah Mutonga: Lamu Architecture and Urban Development; alternative forms of incorporation

Toby Parsloe: ‘These German Hangars House History, Heartache and Hope’: The Refugee Camp in the former Berlin-Tempelhof Airport

Weijia Wei: "The impacts of large regeneration projects on surrounding neighbourhoods: a study of the surrounds of King's Cross Central using online planning application data

Tahmineh Mokhtari: Study of Climate-responsive Architecture for Urban Residence in Gorgan, Iran: Investigating the Practicality of Traditional Architectural Practices

Exhibition 2012 images

Scroope 26 Website Sample PDF

City+ Programme 20170920

Martin Centre Term Poster 2017 Michaelmas

Francois Penz HoD announcement carousel

Martin Centre Lectures carousel

Martin Centre 50th Anniversary poster

MC50 Registration Form

Concinnitas CFP

Designing for Art Event Poster


City Seminar 6 February Nick Bullock

Fifth annual CHS Conference Draft Programme

Expanding Understandings of Urban Decline: Considering Socio-Spatial Perspectives in Detroit, Michigan - In Focus: the research of PhD student Eve Avdoulos

Scroope 26 Website Sample

Daisy Ginsberg poster

AUM2018 poster

Applied Urban Modelling 2018 programme




Architecture Newsletter Issue 1 - Michaelmas 2018

PhD in Architecture Handbook 2018

MAUS Handbook 2018 2019

MAUD Handbook 2018 2020

Graduate Skills Training Programme 2018 19

2018 19 MAUD & MAUS Programme of Seminar Courses

CHS Conference PapersGuidance for publication

CHS conference example paper

A new technology for transformable architecture: Origami-Scissor hinged deployable structures - In Focus: the research of PhD student Esther Rivas-Adrover


Socio-material constructs of domestic energy demand: A study of middle-class housing and household practices in Pakistan- In Focus: the research of PhD student Rihab Khalid

CHS conference Conference FAQs


The Construction History 6th Annual Conference Programme

ArcSoc 2019 Exhibition poster

Mary Ann Steane Publications list

Ramit Debnath Article from Energy Policy

Kettles Yard Poster 2020


CHS Example paper


CHS Conference Papers Guidance for publication