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Department of Architecture


Eastern Paris has experienced significant architectural and demographic transformation since World War II, catalysed by post-War slum clearance initiatives in the 13e arrondissement that were among the city's largest in history. This work will investigate the relationship between politically directed policy and natural processes of urban transformation in the 13e arrondissement, using the ZAC Paris Rive Gauche redevelopment area as a case study. ZAC Paris Rive Gauche is among the largest remaining areas for development in the city and thus instrumental for the city's future. I will be examining the players and policies surrounding this expansive project in an attempt to illuminate the project's motivations and effects on the city and region. While the southeast of Paris has been studied for generations—particularly regarding socio-economic transformation and gentrification in the area—this contemporary zone of reimagined urbanism presents a unique
opportunity to reconsider the role of the 13e arrondissement in the city and region. This project will examine how public politics and private interests interact and compete in projects of this scale and will consider the extent to which resulting sociodemographic changes are both the product of direct policy and the result of natural or collective processes.