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Urban Hamlets: Abstract Mapping of Bow: Year 3 Studio 1 project and exhibition

last modified Nov 14, 2013 05:20 PM

The studio continues its focus on East London and this year investigates the potential for urban and architectural interventions within Bow. An area demarcated by a historical accumulation of natural and artificial boundaries adjacent to the 700-year-old Bow Church will be proposed as the site for a cluster of buildings to house an array of complementary organisations. Using the model of social enterprising as a reference point, the project briefs will speculate with the potential that these groups have as drivers of community-based regeneration and property development. The first project was an exercise in the abstract mapping of Bow, taking its cue from the psychogeography developed by the Situationist International. The work reflects students’ individual responses to the site, based on subjective experience while exploring the area on foot, rather than objective data from maps and research.

The work will be exhibited in the Gallery until Friday 8th November.

Click here to visit the Studio 1 blog.

Studio Masters:

Eric Martin and Nikolai Delvendahl


Mary Anderson

Joshua Brookes

Saarrah Chowdhury

Katrina Duncan

Joaquín Calderón

Max Gelibter

Ilva Gjuzi

Michael Grechishkin

Alexei Hartley

Priscilla Joseph

Oliver Juggins

Adrian Lau

Stephen Massiah

Bronya Meredith

Stavros Skordis

Katherine Tynan