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Department of Architecture


'Mono No Aware loosely translates as an 'empathy towards non-human things.' It is also understood as the 'sensitivity to ephemera', meaning an awareness of impermanence and the transience of life.

Built within the ruins of a nineteenth-century locomotive shed, the project proposes a setting for the rehabilitation of people with serious physical injuries alongside the rehabilitation of this existing building and the landscape beyond.

Set in Ford End Road, Bedford, the project reflects on the town's industrial past, in specific reference to its existence for over 200 years as a coal gas works. While fossil fuel extraction is in opposition to the natural eco-system, the project understands the natural and the man-made as equivalent and leverages the site's history to synthesise an industrial past and an ecological present.

Oscillating across four intertwining timescales, the spatial and experiential qualities of the project are conceived around the turn of the seasons, the dance of the day, and the rhythm of the sun. Thus, the project embodies the passing of time that characterises the process of recovery and rehabilitation, ultimately offering a place for progressively richer encounters between humans, plants and animals.'

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Mono No Aware: An Awareness of Impermanence

5108 (1)

Prologue: A Conversation with Am-Ma Physical Injury and Critical Memory

5108 (2)

The Century: An Industrial Past

5108 (3)

The Bedford Igranic and Locomotive Shed

5108 (5)

A Shifting Facade

5108 (6) 

The Year: Passing of the Seasons

5108 (7)

The Tide of Nature: Changing Seasons, Changing Spaces

5108 (8) 

The Day: Light, Warmth Colour and Comfort

5108 (9)

Mono No Aware: A Centre for Physical Rehabilitation

5108 (10) 

Mono No Aware: An Awareness of Impermanence