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The Department would like to congratulate MAUD students Lucinda Anis and Chris Hamill on being awarded 2nd and 3rd prize in the Eye Line international drawing competition

last modified Aug 08, 2018 12:58 PM

Lucinda Anis won 2nd prize for her project studying the Mokkatam Cliffs in Cairo of which one of the judges commented 'In pen, pencil and watercolour we’re presented with palpable sense of a Coptic landscape and its occupation. With genuine skill she’s communicating the mood of the place; it’s blinding sunlight and deep shade.'

Chris Hamill cam 3rd for his work on the Armagh Gaol/Building Skill Training College. For the judges, Hamill’s 'use of mixed media, Photoshop and pen line-work made the construction of the drawing as adept as his proposed construction methodology for the gaol.'

For more information on the Eye Line drawing competition visit:

Lucinda Anis

Lucinda Anis 3

A street of in-betweens.

Lucinda Anis 1

Life and Death of the Cliff. Ink and pencil on paper.

Lucinda Anis 2

Conversation with the Cliff. Hand drawn in ink with computer manipulation.

Chris Hamill

Chris Hamill 1

Perspective section 2 - Cell Block A, repurposed as temporary storage and loading block.

Chris Hamill 2

Constructing insulated workshop within temporary shed.