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Department of Architecture

Research group led by Cambridge Architecture Academic wins major new grant collaborating with Chinese Universities

During the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, a major new projects led by Professor Alan Short of the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge was announced as one of four new initiatives using collaboration between Chinese and UK Universities to explore the problems of carbon-use within cities.

The Project ‘Low carbon climate-responsive Heating and Cooling of Cities (LoHCool)’ will involve academics from the University of Cambridge, the University of Loughborough and the University of Reading in collaboration with Chongqing University.

The project will bring together engineers, building scientists, atmospheric scientists, architects and behavioural researchers in China and UK to develop new and innovative ways of heating and cooling urban dwellings in a way that substantially reduces carbon use but maintains comfort when faced with climate extremes.

The four projects will receive over £3 million in funding from the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), with matched equivalent resources from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

Funded under the Low Carbon Cities programme, the projects will encourage collaboration between leading UK and Chinese academics, combining research to reduce the carbon emissions of existing technologies.

The projects will also deliver fundamental research into alternative energy sources and a reduction of energy demand, all with a focus on future urban environments.

Many congratulations to all involved.