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IHBC recognises MSt in Building History

last modified Feb 16, 2016 02:56 PM

We are pleased to announce that the MSt in Building History has been recognised by the Institute for Historic Building Conservation (IHBC).

The IHBC, which represents building conservation professionals in the UK, awards recognition to courses in higher education judged to offer suitable training for those engaged in, or proceeding to, professional careers in conservation.  Completion of a course of study recognised by IHBC meets key requirements for IHBC membership and is considered to enhance the student’s prospects in relevant employment.

The MSt in Building History is not a conventional conservation course.  Instead it cultivates specialists in a discipline central to good building conservation.  We are delighted to report that, following a careful review of the course structure and content, the IHBC has confirmed that this specialist training provides part of the training expected of an applicant for IHBC accreditation.  In conjunction with appropriate professional experience, it will help secure membership either as an IHBC Associate (Evaluation) or as a Full Member (see for details).