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Department of Architecture

Cambridge Graduate Johnny Lui creates multiplayer video game out of the London planning process

Cambridge graduate Johnny Lui has created a revolutionary new digital planning system to help architects get projects built in the real world, developed for the Masters programme at the Royal College of Art. The digital model of the city of London allows architects to insert their proposals into the landscape, which would also be visible to other architects developing other sites nearby. Any proposals that violated the city’s planning regulations would be rejected by the system.

This means that the system will allow architects to plan constructions relating to future buildings, creating, it is hoped, a more collaborative and cohesive development process.

Speaking to Dezeen, Lui said of the project, “What I am critiquing is the reactive planning system we currently have and this kind of accumulation of permitted buildings. Why don't we build the city in advance virtually?"

You can learn more about Lui’s projects, and his hopes for its development, here.