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Department of Architecture

AUM2017: call for presentations

AUM2017 in conjunction with CSIC Emerging Connection Workshop
22 – 23 June 2017, Robinsons College, Cambridge, UK

AUM2017 is the sixth in a planned series of annual symposia on applied urban simulation models that offer insights into urban change and the realisation of practical policy initiatives.  Since the launch of the AUM series in 2011, the symposia have attracted delegates from diverse disciplines, universities, professional institutions and government agencies in many countries.

During the Roundtable session of the preceding symposium AUM2015, it was agreed that AUM2017 would be held as a focused event on major case studies on applied models, given the blossoming of a number of integrated urban models around the world.  It was also recognised that the policy-cogent nature of the major applied urban models would provide a natural opportunity to engage with those academics and practitioners in infrastructure planning and the assessment of societal impacts from an expanded range of perspectives.  This broadening of outlook is likely to be beneficial for enhancing the roles of the applied urban models in the rapidly changing urban scene.   

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