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Hide & Speak

Hide and Speak was informed from the very beginning by the games and structures invented with the UCPS children. Our construction embraces their love of noise making tied to irrepressible and constant motion in and out of our muddy site, a crossroads between other imagination zones. Hide and Speak takes the form of a matrix of steel pipe, criss-crossing, arching over and twisting round itself, creating in the process the skeleton of smaller dens, doorways or corridors. The potential for shouting, for whispered communication or for group percussive jamming is woven into the unpredictable connectivity built into the network, expressed as hand carved mouthpieces that terminate the pipe runs.

Photo credit: Jim Ross

01 Development of den building aspect of our design Amy Teh

Bex Swaney  Kit of Parts

Concept Sketch

Hide & Speak 1

Hide & Speak 2

Hide & Speak 3

Hide & Speak 4