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Build it Bamboo

Our final product, 'Build it Bamboo' is a kit of parts which enables the children to get fully involved, allowing them to build their own structures and to determine what these are. We have produced two unique bags to hold these parts, each a separate kit comprising; 12 0 bamboo sticks, 60 red balls and 3 coloured PVC triangles. Additionally, each bag contains
carefully designed simple-graphic instruction booklets explaining a basic building method and so me prompts of what can be constructed using the kit.
Photo credit: Jim Ross

05  Acrylic painting  Bethan Taylor  Outside of bag

Hosea Lau  drawing of children on site


Matthew Seccombe Final Design Initial Representation

Build it Bamboo 4

Build it Bamboo 2

Build it Bamboo 3

Build it Bamboo 1