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Dr Ying Jin

Dr Ying Jin

University Senior Lecturer

Robinson College (Fellow)

Director of Studies for Robinson College

Office Phone: 01223 760112


Ying Jin lectures on city planning, urban design, and urban modelling.  He is particularly interested in understanding how technology, policy and human behaviour affect the development of cities and their infrastructure, and in using this knowledge for creating new design solutions.

His main research interests are computer models of cities, and urban history.  He has extensive industry experience and directed multi-disciplinary teams in building and using computer models as experimental platforms to appraise policy scenarios that involve investment, regulation, pricing and promotional campaigns.  Key projects include strategic planning of London and surrounding regions, sub-regional and local planning in the English Midlands, transport and energy scenarios for the European Union, long term city region and transport plans in China and in South America, and mapping urban poverty in emerging economies.  His interests in urban history lie mainly with the European Renaissance cities and the Chinese cities since the Tang Dynasty in the 7th Century.

At the Department of Architecture Dr Jin leads the Cities and Transport research group, which is one of the world’s leading centres in the creation and use of conceptual and practical models at the city and city-region scales.  These models, including its most recent alpha-version, have been applied in policy and planning studies to assess novel designs of buildings, neighbourhoods, transport and energy systems.  The group’s past policy impacts were reviewed in a Cambridge University case study in REF2014 ( 

Among a wide range of research projects, Dr Jin leads the city-scale smart data and urban modelling applications at the EPSRC Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC 2011-2020).  He is also a co-Investigator at the  EPSRC research project Managing Air for Green Inner Cities (2016-2018) ( and the Smart Urban Design research project funded by the Cambridge-UC Berkeley-National University of Singapore Global Alliance initiative (2016-2018).  He is the lead convenor of the international symposia on Applied Urban Modelling since its launch in 2011.

Recent Publications:

Martani, C, Y Jin, K Soga and S Scholtes (2016).  Design with uncertainty: the role of future options for infrastructure integration. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CACAIE) 10:733-748 (DoI: 10.1111/mice.12214/full).

Jahanshashi, K and Y Jin (2016). Trendbreaking Influences of Built Form on Travel in UK Cities: Evidence from New Quantifications of Within- and Between-Built-Form Variations. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2564.  ( 10.3141/2564-04). 

Hillel, T, P Guthrie, M Elshafie and Y. Jin (2016). Assessing the discrepancies between recorded and commonly assumed journey times in London.  Proceedings of the International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction.  Institute of Civil Engineers, London.

Jahanshashi, K, Y Jin and IN Williams (2015). Direct and indirect influences on employed adults’ travel in the UK: New insights from the National Travel Survey data 2002–2010.  Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol 80, pp288-306. (

Hagen-Zanker, A and Y Jin (2015).  Adaptive zoning for efficient transport modelling in urban models. 15th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2015). Banff, AB, Canada, June 22–25.  Best Paper Award. (Published as Gervasi, O, B Murgante, S Misra, ML Gavrilova, AMAC Rocha, C Torre, D Taniar and BO Apduhan (eds.) (2015). Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2015 Proceedings Part III, Springer, Heidelberg, pp673-687).

Deng, DB, S Denman, V Zachariadis and Y Jin, (2015). Estimating traffic delays and network speeds from low frequency GPS taxis traces for urban transport modelling.  European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 15 (Smart Cities special issue), 639-661 see  

Jahanshashi, K and Y Jin (2015). The built environment typologies in the UK and their influences on travel behaviour: new evidence through latent categorisation in structural equation modelling.  Journal of Transportation and Technology, 39:1, 59-77, DoI: 10.1080/03081060.2015.1108083 (Special issue paper selected from Universities Transport Research Groups Conference 2015).

Rong, X., Jin, Y., & Long, Y (2015). Understanding Beijing’s Urban Land Use Development 2004-2013 through online administrative data sources. Recent Developments in Chinese Urban Planning. Springer International Publishing, 2015: 183-217

Jin, Y, RG   Bullock, R Yu, N Zhou, J Nan, M Gao, Z Xu, C Guo, L Shi (2014a). Regional Economic Impact Analysis of High Speed Rail in China: main report and step by step guide for regional impact assessment. The World Bank.  

Jin, Y, RG Bullock and W Fang (2014b). Spatial proximity and productivity in an emerging economy: econometric findings from Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China.  Regional Economic Impact Analysis of High Speed Rail in China Working Paper. The World Bank. (Appendix to the report above).

Li, W and Y Jin (2014). Review on Applied Urban Modeling and New Trends of Urban Spatial Policy ModelsUrban Planning Forum, 1:81-91.

Jin Y, M Echenique and A Hargreaves (2013). A recursive spatial equilibrium model for planning large-scale urban change. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design (Advance online publication, doi:10.1068/b39134).

Clusters of recent papers:

The papers are results from long term, productive contributions with research colleagues and students across many disciplinary boundaries