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Department of Architecture


The Year One students worked incredibly hard to produce the vertical elements of the future meeting space for the garden from recycled materials.

Eight groups of students designed and built the eight wall elements to a distinctive brief including the provision of storage, seating and views into the garden. Five of the eight panels will be rotating to allow the building to be opened up to the garden.

Made almost entirely from recycled materials, new meeting space will become a resource for the gardeners to host workshops and events and will be open to the general public . The overall design of the building is by Neubau Architecture and will be completed in the near future.


Y1 Live Build 2018 1

Y1 Live Build 2018 2

Y1 Live Build 2018 3

Y1 Live Build 2018 4

Y1 Live Build 2018 5

Y1 Live Build 2018 6