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Department of Architecture


John G. Ellis (Architect, Urban Designer & Teacher at UC Berkeley & Mithun Architects, San Francisco)

President Clinton’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanual said “never let a good crisis go to waste, start planning for the future”. This lecture will look at ideas about rebuilding our cities and neighborhoods in a post pandemic world while addressing the equally challenging crisis of Climate Change.

The Green New Deal offers a template for rebuilding our broken economies and ravaged cities by exploring ideas such as the 20 minute Neighbourhood and examining relevant case studies of sustainable urbanism from around the world.

Speaker's biography:

John Ellis is an Anglo-Californian architect, urban designer and teacher.  A graduate of Cambridge University John worked with Richard MacCormac before moving to the Bay Area. He has been a Lecturer at UC Berkeley for many years running the Master of Urban Design Programme and was the inaugural Marshall Professor of Sustainable Urban Design at Cambridge in 2012. He is a Principal with Mithun architects in San Francisco who specialize in affordable housing and campus design.

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Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00
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