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Department of Architecture


Professor John Worthington (Co-founder, DEGW, Former Commissioner of Independent Transport Commission and Director of The Academy of Urbanism

Personal reflections on a diverse career as a strategic consultant and designer working in both the worlds of academia and practice. For DEGW (1973 -2010) research and design were viewed as a continuous, interactive process. Framing problems, identifying solutions and evaluating outcomes to help restate the problem to learn and improve. DEGW was a research based practice undertaking project based research.

The lecture, reflecting DEGW’s principles and practice, will outline the unique characteristics of design focussed research. Experience practicing as a Collaborative Urbanist (2007- present) describes a programme of managing urban change. Learning from Place (the Academy of Urbanism) a process of observing, reflecting, comparing, and understanding to achieve continuous improvement. High Speed Rail and Connected Cities (Independent Transport Commission) presents a dynamic programme of changing perceptions.

Bio: John Worthington MBE Co- Founder of DEGW and a Collaborative Urbanist. DEGW an international strategy and design consultancy, focussed initially on the workplace, created a unique role as Designers for Change, advising cities, institutions and corporations on strategic briefing, problem framing, and the utilization of space, technology and time. John’s Academic career includes Professor of Architecture and Director of the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies (IoAAS) University of York and visiting professorships in America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Since stepping aside from an executive role at DEGW (2002) John has focussed on urban change through a continuous dialogue between public, private and civil society. The DEGW archive and Special Collections now at the University of Reading is a resource for the new architecture school within the School of the Built Environment, and recognised as a “living platform” for research, teaching and practice.

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017 - 13:15 to 14:15
Event location: 
Lecture Room 1, Department of Architecture