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Department of Architecture


Edmund Wilson (partner of Foster Wilson Architects and an editor of Block Magazine)

The role of drawing in architectural practice is in a state of flux, with an increasing use of computer software that seeks to mimic built form as a virtual model. In this talk, Ed Wilson looks at some of the pitfalls of this move towards simulation, as well as some of the strategies taken by architects and artists in response. The talk will discuss the work of contemporary British and Swiss architects and how studio drawings relate to the theoretical position taken in practice.


Speaker's Bio:

Ed Wilson is a partner of Foster Wilson Architects and an editor of Block Magazine. He has been a studio tutor at Cambridge University for the last five years, with projects that have investigated the role of public space, performance and the role of the museum in contemporary culture. He studied architecture at Cambridge University as well as Art theory and practice at Chelsea College of Art. He is currently designing the new Ovalhouse theatre in Brixton.

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018 - 13:15 to 14:15
Event location: 
Lecture Room 1, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge