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Department of Architecture


Dr Irit Katz will present ideas from her new book ‘The Common Camp: Architecture of Power and Resistance in Israel-Palestine’, with Prof. Diane Davis from Harvard GSD as the discussant. Celebrate this new publication with refreshments in the crit space following the discussion. 

The Common Camp unfolds the complex genealogy of camps in Israel-Palestine and beyond, exploring the role of the camp in reshaping populations and territories in the area. What is common to all these camps which proliferated in Palestine and Israel during the past century? What makes camps – settler camps, detention camps, refugee camps – such a common feature in this contested region? The camp is explored as an infrastructural tool of colonial expansion and state power and as a makeshift space of resistance, through which sovereignties are challenged and subverted. Bringing together a broad range of historical and ethnographic materials, the camp will be located at the core of modern societies, and how they change and transform.

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Thursday, 1 June, 2023 - 17:30 to 19:00
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Lecture Room 1, Department opf Architecture