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Department of Architecture


Professor Andy Pratt (City University)

The aim of this paper is to question the normative interpretations of resilience as they apply to the local cultural economy. The paper has three sections, the first sets out the received notion of resilience that is atomistic and closed (Mode A), and contrasts it with another version (Mode B) which is social and open. The second section reviews some of the important characteristics of the cultural economy and indicates why it is particularly sensitive to local embedding. The third section contrasts resilience informed policy frameworks of Mode A and Mode B. The paper concludes that a form of local capacity building applied to the particularities of the cultural economy, and place, offer a more productive strategy for resilience.

As always, the talk will be followed by discussion, wine and snacks and a trip to the pub for supper and further conversation.

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Andy is Professor of Cultural Economy at City University, London. His research has three strands. First, the urban spatial clustering of cultural industries; he is particularly interested in the social and economic dynamics of clustering and ‘knowledge making’ has received major research projects funded by UK research councils on the topic. Andy is currently deputy director of AHRC Creative Works London. Second, the definition and measurement of employment and trade; he has developed definitions of the cultural sector (notably UNESCO). Third, policy making and governance, in theory and practice, he has worked as an advisor for UN agencies, and globally national and urban policy makers.

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016 - 17:30 to 19:30
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Boardroom, Department of Architecture