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Department of Architecture


The Cambridge architecture film series is being held in collaboration between the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture, the Arts Picturehouse Cinema, and the Cambridge Film Trust. It aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship that exists between architecture and the moving image, bringing together leading architectural academic thinking and arts cinema experience.

This inaugural event consists of five screenings at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge. Many will be preceded by short introductory talks on the architectural significance of the film in question by academics & architects.



Monday 29 April, 18:30

Koyaanisqatsi (PG)

  Director: Godfrey Reggio.

  United States, 1982.

  Koyaanisqatsi, meaning “an unbalanced life”, is a breathtaking journey that documents urban life and our   impact on the natural world. A visual poem set to a haunting score by Philip Glass.

  Includes an introductory talk. Details TBC




Tuesday 30 April, 13:00

Lost in Translation (15)

  Director: Sofia Coppola, Staring: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson.

  United States, 2003.

  An aging actor and a recently married college graduate meet in a hotel and form an unlikely friendship;   their dissatisfaction with life amplified by the alien sights and sounds of contemporary Tokyo.

  Includes an introductory talk by Mark Breeze (REPEAT DIFFER Productions and University of Cambridge)





Tuesday 30 April, 18:00

Brazil (15)

  Director: Terry Gilliam, Staring: Jonathan Pryce, Katherine Helmond, Robert de Niro.

  United Kingdom, 1985.

  A bureaucratic error finds a civil servant missed up with maintenance men, terrorists, and a samurai soldier,   in a dystopian vision of the future, equal parts Orwellian nightmare and Monty Python comedy.

  Includes an introductory talk by Mark Breeze (REPEAT DIFFER  Productions and University of Cambridge)




Wednesday 1 May, 16:30

Rear Window (PG)

  Director: Alfred Hitchcock, Staring: James Stewart, Grace Kelly.

  United States, 1954.

  Confined to his apartment by a broken leg in a scorching New York summer, James Stewart’s   photojournalist spends his days watching his neighbours, when one evening he thinks he witnesses a murder.

  Includes an introductory talk by Prof Francois Penz (University of Cambridge)





Thursday 2 May, 16:30

Ghost in the Shell (15)

  Director: Mamoru Oshii.

  Japan, 1995.

  Blending computer graphics with hand-drawn animation, this sci-fi thriller presents a dark future   where a counter-terrorist group is trying to apprehend the mysterious hacker ‘The Puppetmaster’.


Monday, 29 April, 2013 - 18:30 to Thursday, 2 May, 2013 - 20:30
Event location: 
arts Picturehouse Cinema, Cambridge