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Professor Alan Short CV

Francois Penz CV+Publications

Wendy Pullan's CV

James Campbell Publications 2008

Dr.Ying Jin CV







Additional costs for architecture students

Nanjing-Cambridge booklet


Folder for James Campbell's Documents


Folder for James Campbell


Folder for James Campbell

Summer Exhibition Poster 2012.

A12-River Lea Exposition_2012_Poster

Deborah Howard CV

Introducing the prebound effect- the gap between performance and actual energy consumption - Minna Sunikka-Blank and Ray Galvin

Improving Energy Efficiency of Social Housing Areas- A Case Study of a Retrofit Achieving an A Energy Performance Rating in the UK- Minna Sunikka-Blank, Jun Chen, Judith Britnell and Dimitra Dantsiou

\Including Fuel Price Elasticity of Demand in Net Present Value and Payback Time Calculations of Thermal Retrofits- Case Study of German Dwellings

Sustainable Building in Japan- Observations on a Market Transformation Policy- Minna Sunikka-Blank and Yumiko Iwafune

Comparing European Residential Buildiing Stocks

Better Buildings through energy efficiency

Policies for Improving Energy Efficiency in the European Housing Stock

The Contribution of the EC Energy Certificate in Improving Sustainability of the Housing Stock

Energy efficiencies

Alumni lunch photos

100 Years Symposium poster

100 Years Registration Form

Deborah Howard CV

History and Theory Research Seminars Michaelmas 2012 Poster

Koen Steemers CV

100 symposium- Front Matter.

100 symposium- Koen Steemers

100 symposium- Peter Carolin

100 symposium- Dean Hawkes

100 symposium- Nick Baker

100 symposium- Francois Penz

100 symposium- Mary Ann Steane

100 symposium- Marcial Echenique

100 symposium- Peter Carl

100 symposium- Joanna van Heyningen

100 symposium- David Kohn

100 symposium- John Sergeant Sumet Jumsai & Stephen Mullin

100 symposium- Ongoing Research and Current Students

2013 C20 magazine

riba east alison brooks poster


Sutton Trust student work 2013.pdf

Previous Talks

AP Poster - Good Bye Lenin.pdf

AP Poster - Urbanized.pdf

Hans van der Heijden Lecture 1

Hans van der Hejden Lecture 2 poster

Architecture in the Fractured City_Lecture3_POSTER_Hans van der Heijden.pdf

Architecture in the Fractured City_Lecture4_POSTER_Hans van der Heijden.pdf

Hans van der Heijden Lent term lecture 1 poster

Good deeds poster

CHS 2014 Programme.pdf


Architecture in the Fractured City 6

Abstract submission form Symposium 2014.docx

20140501 Summer School 2014 Poster.pdf

2014 Public Lectures Sapienza

2014 Sapienza workshop poster

Cambridge Open Days 2014 Programme.pdf

CHS 2016 Call for Abstracts.pdf


Appointment of Examiners Form

Design Research in Alternative Contexts Seminar Programme

Design Research in Alternative Contexts Poster

alumni analysis arch

In focus: the research of PhD student Karin Templin

"Housing as City Making: the invention, development and significance of the mansion block as a building type in mid-late 19th and early 20th century London"

Cambridge Alumni win Turner Prize

Third Annual Construction History Conference programme 2016

Dalibor Vesely conference

To the conference in memory of Dalibor Vesely - José de Paiva

Peter Eisenman Lecture Poster

The Hidden Cambridge

Conflict in Cities Exhibition poster

Conflict in Cities Exhib poster

In focus: The research of PhD student Adriana Massidda

The collective spatial practices of shantytown residents in Buenos Aires, their intertwining with State interventions, and the way in which these affect the continuous (re)configuration of the urban territory.

Studio Becher: Conversion of a 1970's catalogue house

Studio Becher: A Music Room

Francois Penz CV - June 2015.pdf

Call for Abstracts



_UEEU - Schedule.pdf

2nd annualDraftProgramme.pdf

Guidelines on Plagiarism

Lecture List 2018-19

Books Recommended for Reading by Students Considering Architecture

Max Sternberg CV

Call for Abstracts (2).pdf

Arcsoc Degree Show 2016 poster

In focus: The PhD research of Irit Katz

The Common Camp: temporary settlements as a spatio-political instrument in Israel-Palestine --- and beyond

Faculty Fieldwork Funding Application Form