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Pandemic Paranoia: case studies mapping the spatiality of public health in London

The emotional experience of inclusive placemaking in Immigration Removal Centres in the United Kingdom

How Climate-Sensitive Design Impacts Human Behaviour and Public Space Usage in Winter? – An Empirical Analysis

The Manufacturing of Memory in the German-Jewish Built Environment

Constructing a design strategy for improving urban greenway usage by deconstruction and coding method

Training of in-service bridge disease detection based on autoencoders

Research on identification and mechanism of the influence of large-scale urban renewal project on the comprehensive vitality of surrounding communities: research on surrounding area of King’s Cross based on online planning application data

Street visual quality and subjective well-being in older adults: Crosssectional mediation analyses on multiple pathways

Demonstrating Regenerative Narratives of Abandoned Industrial Infrastructure Projects by Mixed-Research and Design Methodology

Cistercian Severity and the Architecture of Medieval Economies

City as Kitchen : The Extended Kitchen in British Urban Space

Inside Out

The Way-Out of Real Architecture and City as Art Performance of the Future Shared by Virtual Reality

Is rural electrification a mirage in Southeast Asia? – A study of political paralysis and upheaval of people in the building of mega energy infrastructure.

Reinventing the Demonic: From Notre-Dame de Paris to Contemporary Architecture

Utopia Inc: Exploring the socialist history of capitalist city-building

How Historic Urban Areas are and will be Impacted by Climate Change in Asian Coastal Cities? A case study in Shanghai via a Holistic Impact Assessment Method

Changing approach to public space in Warsaw during the post 1989 political transformation: A study of Vistula river waterfront

Grand Istanbul: A study of refugee assimilation impacted by Istanbul’s infrastructure



Designing (out) Friction

To what extent is the urban reconstruction of post-conflict Damascus politicised?

Street Network Regeneration and Sustainable Urban Growth

Moral Licensing in Eco-Cities

Forming relationships between individual subconscious experiences and urban spaces and how these subconscious urban narratives can lead to urban identities and characters in Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa district

In Defence of the Hearth:

The Death of “ Home” in Western Contemporary Architecture:

A Study of the Hearth and Psychological Well-Being

The role of design in supporting students’ social interaction and sense of community: a study of collective student housing


Research Topic

Constructing the ideology of the post-war nation through filmography. The case of the social, gender and space portrayal in emblematic movies of the years 1950-1965

A Modelling Approach for Estimating the Impact of Spatial Configuration on Residents’ Movement in Aged Care Facilities in China

Building Construction: Setting out Vaults in Islamic Scientific Manuscripts of 1500-1700

A comparative study on pocket parks in London and Hong Kong: the observation of the use and design of small-scale urban landscapes in the urban area

Digital-led regeneration and Job accessibility in post-industrialization landscape- Case Study: Middlesbrough, UK.

What mechanisms or tools exist to help cities participate in climate mitigation?

The London Square: modern economies and the aspirational house

The rebirth of the city from its ashes. A common work of architects, urban planners, legislators and legal practitioners. Is expropriation really unavoidable?

The city’s stage: The filmic representation of the architectural public space in Greek cinema, 1944-now.

Urban Architecture of Surveillance