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Department of Architecture


Instagram: @vidznidarsic


I am an architectural designer, researcher, historian, and educator.

I hold an MArch degree in Architectural Design from the University of Ljubljana and an MA degree in Architectural History from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. I have worked at several world-renowned practices, such as Bevk-Perovć, Casper Mueller Kneer, Farshid Moussavi Architecture, and BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, where I currently work as an architectural designer. Alongside my work in architectural studios, I am constantly developing my creative practice situated at the intersection of critical thinking, creative writing, and design work.

Throughout my career, I have been engaging in work with students across different universities in the UK and abroad. In the academic year 2022 / 2023 I held the post of Unit Master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, alongside Boštjan Vuga and Gabu Heindl in Diploma 5, titled: Public! Porous! unheimlich. Placed!

My work aims to serve as a catalyst for disrupting established hierarchies; to challenge conventional ideologies, historical narratives, and established truths whilst addressing questions of sustainability, social justice, and the complexity of intersectionality.

I am interested in exploring the complexities of public spaces, investigating the agency of diverse entities – human and non-human alike – and exploring how spaces are utilised and created as a response to political dynamics, historical contexts, and lived experiences.

I work on the threshold where theoretical and conceptual ideas interweave with design practices, producing new solutions that transcend beyond visual aesthetics and respond to the context of time and place(s).

Design Fellow MPhil (MAUD) and MArch