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Professor Alan Short MA Ph.D.(Cantab) Dipl'Arch RIBA FRSA

Professor Alan Short, MA Ph.D.(Cantab) Dipl'Arch RIBA FRSA

The Professor of Architecture (1977)

Clare Hall (Professorial Fellow)

Office Phone: 01223 332958/764155


Winner of the first RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding Practice-located Research 2007, RIBA President’s Commendation for Outstanding University-located Research 2009; The George Collins Fellow 2014 of the US Society of Architectural Historians; Geddes Visiting Fellow 2014 at Edinburgh University. Prof. Short's EPSRC, DH and NIHR funded research group's broadcast quality film 'Robust Hospitals in a Changing Climate' has won the 2013 tv/e Global Sustainability Film Award at BAFTA. You can see it at:

Short’s research group develops passive and hybrid low-energy design strategies for non-domestic buildings in different climates, new-build and rebuild, projecting their future performance against current climate change predictions. As such, the focus is on cooling.

Recent projects include the Reporting to Ministers of the awards, progress and outcomes of the £50 million Department of Health NHS Energy Efficiency Fund 2013-14; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council major project in the Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Call (£1.15 million) Design and Delivery of Robust Hospital Environments in a Changing Climate 2009-2012; National Institute of Health Research funded (£285K) Design Strategy for the Low-energy Ventilation and Cooling of Health Buildings (2005-08), NHS funded (£180K) Low Energy Public Sector Comparator 2008-present (NIHR funded from late 2009); Arts and Humanities Research Council major project (£350K) DeDEPA 2004-08. Short et al authored the Arts Council of England/UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment guidance for Capital Arts Projects ‘Building Excellence for the Arts’ 2009.

Short and his research collaborators also design and build innovative low energy buildings through Short and Associates Architects. The practice invents innovative, low energy building design strategies for education, research, industry and commerce across the world’s populated climate regions. It is heavily engaged in cutting edge research with the BP Institute, Cambridge University; The Martin Centre, Dept. of Architecture University of Cambridge; Loughborough University Dept of Civil Engineering; The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, Leicester; University of Cardiff and many other specialists in fire and smoke simulation and acoustic design.

• Significant low energy naturally ventilated passively/hybrid cooled built projects include Farson’s Brewery Process Building Malta, Queens Building Leicester, Contact Theatre Manchester, Coventry University Lanchester Library, Garrick Theatre Lichfield, Poole Arts Centre, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Judson College Academic Center Chicago,  see

• The practice has won the first 'High Architecture, Low Energy Award' (Architecture Today) 1995; 'Green Building of the Year' (The Independent Newspaper/RIBA/CIBSE/HVAC) 1995; H.J. Dyos Award 1996, 'Building of the Year Award' (Building Magazine) 2000, Society of College, National and University Librarians (SCONUL)  'Best Academic Library Award' 1998-2003 and also in 2008; CIBSE 'Project of the Year' 2003 & 2004; RIBA Awards 1996, 2000. 2003, 2007, Brick Development Association Public Building of the Year 2007, BDA Best Landscape 2009, USA Pre-Cast Industries Association Commendation 2009.

Professor Short's CV

Research Interests

Short’s research group investigates and develops passive and hybrid resilient, low-energy design strategies for new-build and perhaps more importantly for interventions in non-domestic buildings in different climates, projecting their future performance against current climate change predictions. More recently the work has concentrated on hospital buildings, the group has assessed the resilience of the entire NHS Estate, its adaptation potential and the likely cost, reported to Ministers. Short is appointed to administer and report on the UK Dept of Health's NHS Energy Efficiency Fund 2013-14.

Key Publications

- C. Alan Short, Catherine J. Noakes, Carl A. Gilkeson (2014): Functional recovery of a resilient hospital type, Building Research & Information, DOI: 10.1080/09613218.2014.926605

- R. Giridharana, K.J. Lomas, C.A. Short, A.J. Fair (2013) Performance of hospital spaces in summer: A case study of a ‘Nucleus’-type hospital in the UK Midlands, Energy and Buildings 66 (2013) 315–328

- C.Alan Short, YAO Runming, LUO Guozhi, Li Baizhan (2013) ‘Hybrid Environmental Design as an Alternative to Full Air-Conditioning in the Continental Climate:A Case Study in Beijing’, Ecocity & Green Building, Beijing

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